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We believe in bliss, purity, and utter joy. We believe in using ancient eastern meridian system healing techniques and western medication science to awaken your bliss, in turn nurturing your mind, body, and spirit. We offer unforgetable experiences as we take you into a total renewal journey.


Life Energy Pool
HanaRa Clinic Bandung
loby hanara

HanaRa is a sanctuary for well-being, exclusively build for body, mind, and soul rejuvenation. Located in Jl. Gatot Subroto No.68 Bandung, HanaRa stands as the first integrated life-energy medicine center. Using meridian system and life-energy medicine as a core to our programs, we help our guests to find pure happiness.


HanaRa has two signature facilities that provide a maximum effect to our programs. We introduce our award winning facility, HanaRa Fountain Of Youth that works as a main source of life-energy in our sanctuary that can instantly activate all your meridian system by just standing within its 28 meter radius from the facility. And also HanaRa has their own Life-Energy Pool which can replenish your body with abundant energy and at the same time detoxify your body simultaneously.


Our expert Life Energy Medicine practitioners and therapist will humbly and pleasantly welcome you to our sanctuary. 

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