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The Best Ancient Indonesian Inventions Making A Better, Happier and A More Vibrant World.


Congratulations to Indonesia, for its World’s Most Valuable Breakthrough Product.


Batik HanaRa has technology based on the principle of our body 
intelligence. It can make our bodies comfortable up to the meridien level thus making the body able to naturally withstand the radiation of a cellphone.
Through inspiration from Indonesia's ancestral culture, our goal in making this product is Vibrant world. Clothing that represents the future of true fashion that consist of the combination of fitness and inner beauty


How Can We Determine Which Is The Best Anti-Radiation Clothing For Us?

We believe that the best anti-radiation clothing should be the one that will only provide the best interests for our health. But the question is, how?
Dr George J. Goodheart and his motto, “Your Body Never Lies”  is the answer. If we need the best anti-radiation clothing in order to achieve health, then you have to listen to your body intelligence for the answer.
By using Kinesiology, our body intelligence is capable of recognizing the most ideal anti-radiation clothing through its own reflexes and meridian system.


Applying kinesiology (AK) is a technique that provide access to the body intelligence through a muscle test. The concept of the muscle testing system was originated by Robert Lovett, M.D., a Professor of Orthopedic Surgery at Harvard University Medical School. And the concept was further developed and popularized by dr. George J. Goodheart.
Like other things we wear on daily basis, our clothes resonate with our bodies, this is enabled by our Body Intelligence. It also enables us to check the vibration received by the body and how our body and our main organs are effected by it.
Apparently Indonesia's ancestors were way ahead with the principle of this Body Intelligence. Harmony, the sublime concept of their heritage inspired the Vibrant World. Vibrant World is a peaceful world, where the inhabitants live a long life healthily, happily and harmoniously.
It has been proven objectively, measurably, and thoroughly. One medium of which they applied the qualities mentioned previously was the manufacture of batik, a traditional Indonesian clothing. Batik is made using the technique of wax resist dyeing that is applied to a fabric. And in  October 2009, UNESCO designated Indonesian batik as a Masterpiece of Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity.

In 2015, a medical research done in Indonesia was shared at the world medical congress ICMART XVII. The research was about the discovery of a new way to measure vibration quality. This method is done using ordinary cameras and kinesiology based on the principles of Body Intelligent. It has been proven to measure the work of Indonesia's ancestors easily, accurately and objectively.
The quality of some batik that were made hundreds of years ago, possessed measurable benefits for the body. Through ancient photographs alone, customers can now easily distinguish the batik worn by the Indonesian kings and queens than the batik for commoners. Visit our booth to witness this amazing facts.


Understanding the principles of Body Intelligence in the secret process used by Indonesia's ancestors to make Batik specifically for their kings and queens turned out to be the gate to Indonesia's ancestors biggest secret that can help you unleash your hidden potential
The principle of Body Intelligence in the making of the best Batik for the kings and queens is one of Indonesia's most treasured heritage. Hopefully Batik HanaRa can fulfill the noble purpose of ancient Indonesian ancestors when creating clothing. This include the contribution of Indonesia as a land of harmony for the fulfillment of world peace and harmony. Clothing that represents the future of true fashion, fitness and inner beauty that can help people to have their vibrant world. The world where they live healthier, happier, more beautiful and empowered for the rest of their lives. 
Welcome to Indonesia's best ancient invention making your world a better, happier and a more vibrant place. Vibrant world truly is our goal in making this product. A good product isn’t just something that you can’t resist pulling off the shelf. It’s the satisfaction of a human need, packaged into something that can be yours.

Have a vibrant world
Your body intelligence never lies

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