After the workshop you can check the improvement of your body's intelligence level objectively using kinesiology...   

This is a fascinating introduction to the kinesiology results for the batik made with and without improving your body intelligence. The batik is made using secret techniques based on the philosophy of ancient Indonesia's Batik.

Without improving your body's intelligence

With improving your body's intelligence 

Based on the principles your body's intelligence, the kinesiology test results will be different.

The kinesiology test is performed by placing your fingers on the batik's picture, then stretch out your left arm. Later your partner will push down your left arm. If your left arm was strong and did not go down, it means that the intelligence of the maker's body is high.

On the contrary, if your left arm was weak, it means the batik is not comfortable for your body. This means that the level of intelligence of the maker's body is not high enough.

As you can see, only the Batik maker that is trained using the secret techniques of Indonesia's ancient batik philosophy to increase their body intelligence system until MPU level can make a special radiant batik that can pass the kinesiology test.

The MPU title is given to King's highest level advisor.

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