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Batik HanaRa

The benefit of HanaRa workshop you never know

Every single one of our body have a different level of intelligence. While many people want to improve their IQ or EQs, our body's intelligence runs deeper than that. It is not only directed to a certain part of the body such as the brain, but it is rather directed to our entire body. 

In this 5-day workshop, we will be sharing with you how to improve your body's intelligence. When your body's intelligence have increases, you can further improve your business sense as well as your health.

After joining this workshop you will be able to choose the right strategy, in the right way, at the right time. This can greatly benefit your business as well as your performance in school. You will also be able to increase your natural interferon level, your immune system and therefore your health.

Other results of joining this workshop is you becoming stress resistance, more creative, have an increase in stamina, looks younger, to be able to do your daily activities longer, become fresher, less likely to get tired, have a higher rate of concentration, more effective, more time-efficient, more organized, etc. 

If you are an artist you will naturally become a better artist.

If you are a leader or a CEO of a company, you will become a smarter and wiser leader/CEO.

If you are an athlete, you will increase your stamina and health and therefore become a better athlete.

If you are a doctor, you will become a better doctor.

If you are a musician you can improve your talent in music.

Improving your body's intelligence can be done using Indonesian's ancient batik-making curriculum. And because of that, lessons for making batik were very important to families of Indonesia's ancient Kings. Because it is one of the Indonesian's ancient secret ways for leaders to reach their highest potential.

So in this workshop we will be using Indonesia's ancient batik philosophy to increase your body's intelligence as well as make batik that is strong and comfortable for our body. (Money back gurantee)

When a person with high body intelligence makes batik, the batik will be strong and comfortable to our body. After the workshop you can check the level of your body's intelligence objectively by using kinesiology and a regular camera.

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Human natural interferon is a natural innate and adaptive immunity, to increase in immune system and help you fight disease. Interferons are natural proteins made and released by cells of the body in response to viruses, bacteria, parasites, and also tumor- cancer cells.

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