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The HanaRa Community currently numbers thousands of people spread across Indonesia and in several countries worldwide. We consist of various backgrounds and ages, from all walks of life: professionals, artists, and doctors, to businessmen and students.

Dr. Ch. Lin
New York, USA
Dr. C.H. Lin

Congratulation to Indonesia, for its world’s most valuable heritage...

I wish the idea of HanaRa Community and also HanaRa Fountain Of Youth to support Indonesia as a land of harmony for the fulfillment of world peace and Harmony can be achieved.

Mr. Sam
Founder Zhen Qi Yun Xing. Malaysia
Mr. Sam

In my opinion, HanaRa’s programs are the treatment concept of tomorrow. Undoubtedly its Fountain of Youth and Life Energy Pool generate QI ( Life Energy ), the energy is truly, very powerful.

Ms. Ria
28 Days Healthy Happy Vibrant
Ibu Ria

A Sanctuary, Heaven on Earth, warmest and comfort palace, a homeland. In the heart of pain survivors, HanaRa is a hope.

Mr. Gunadi Hadikusuma
71-Year-Old Entrepreneur, Indonesia
Mr. Gunadi Hadikusuma

My bodily condition experienced a radical change. A transformation happened afterwards, physically I feel as if I were much younger, like in my forties.

Ms. Atiek
28 Days Happy Goodbye From Cancer

After 35 days, I was so amazed and grateful to see my lab test confirmed my cancer cell count was drastically from way beyond 1000 reduced down to 149. Thank God.

Ms. Anne
28 Days Happy Goodbye From Cancer

Several lumps nested in my breasts significantly diminished in size and number.

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