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DR. C.H. Lin's Happy Story

DR. C.H. Lin

I am a medical doctor with patients spread far and wide in places such as America, Europe, Japan, Taiwan, and Australia. But now I practiced and live in New York, USA.

I’ve been using and learning the Life Energy Medicine to help a lot of people from variety of serious illness. Thus I traveled and explored all over the world to gain my knowledge about Life Energy Medicine. But something big came up in the world of Life Energy Medicine.

I am informed that there is source of life energy that so extraordinary strong that can boost energy level of our 5 vital organs simultaneously.

I myself have been tried to proof this phenomena by going directly to HanaRa Fountain Of Youth, which is located in Bandung, Indonesia, as part of my trip to Asia.

At that time, I realized this is something that very valuable, because it is Zongqi, a kind of life energy that very popular for thousands of years and most wanted for its usefulness of longevity, beauty and slimming therapy, also for its contribution to enhance the quality of life.

I was very captivated and surprised that I found Fountain Of Youth in Indonesia, and from that moment I finally can say that Fountain Of Youth is not a myth, it’s here.

Congratulation to Indonesia, for its world’s most valuable heritage, a pool that can help people to live young, beautiful and empowered for the rest of their life.

I wish the idea of HanaRa Community and also HanaRa Fountain Of Youth to support Indonesia as a land of harmony for the fulfillment of world peace and Harmony can be achieved.

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