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Fountain of Youth

Imaginary or Real?

We all know that 71% of the Earth's surface is made up of water. Similarly, 65% of the human body we live in consists of water. It is one of the key natural elements that maintain a holistic state of harmony in the Universe and the human body. From water, all living things, great and small, draw sustenance for their survival and wellbeing.

Since the beginning of time, water has provided the human kind with a natural source of replenishment for the physical body. With the progress of knowledge and technology, humans discover new practical benefits of water for their mass survival. The power of water is utilized in many ways, among st others, in hydro-electricity, irrigation and transportation. The human's realms of spirituality, on the other hand, often holds water at the center of holy rituals, where springs become destinations of pilgrimage.

Of the many wonders of water none tantalizes the human curiosity more persistently than what is popularly referred to as “the fountain of youth”. Proposed by legends and fairy tales, its merits are often left to the world of make believe.

If the fountain of youth is indeed nothing but a stretch of the imagination, why do those who have completed HanaRa programs say that the Fountain of Youth does exist? journalists lauded the phenomenon in lengthy articles. An American physician living in New York City joins in by writing an experiential-testimony reaf firming the existence of a “fountain of youth” at HanaRa. MURI (Museum Rekor Indonesia or the Indonesian Museum of Records) issued an official certification at firming HanaRa's fountain of youth.

Fountain of Youth at HanaRa, Really?

Endorsements are voluntarily given by individuals of professional and intellectual integrity. They speak from personal experience, from results they see on themselves and the amazing effect they have on others. HanaRa's fountain of youth, Indonesia's first, draws its water from a diminutive waterfall located at HanaRa Wellbeing Center in the city of Bandung, West Java province. HanaRa's fountain of youth comes in the form of an elegant Life Energy Pool designed to share the water's chi-boosting benefits in an ambiance of natural serenity.

HanaRa's fountain of youth is nothing like the miracle spring told in fairy tales. Neither it is a legend's secret of looking forever young, an elixir that defies aging, or anything that gives birth to fictitious characters in Dorian Gray or Pirates of the Caribbean.


Actually, “the fountain of youth” is a description HanaRa Wellbeing Center never uses for its Life Energy Pool. The local taichi and chi community was the first to use the term. When they saw the transformation on themselves and others, they spontaneously used the expression to describe their experience at the Life Energy Pool. The label by and by becomes HanaRa's signature when affirmations continue to come from those who experienced HanaRa's chi-enhancing Life Energy Pool. The nickname proves to be appealing to many, so much so that it eclipses the original name.

Why Fountain of Youth?

To chi practitioners, the fountain of youth is a way of tapping life energy (chi) from water to increase the flow of chi in the human body's meridian channels. The ancient knowledge and awareness of chi in the scheme of human's holistic wellbeing gave the fountain of youth an esteemed place of its own, rarely understood by layme.

Chong Chi (Cong Qi) is the highest state of attainment to the chi practitioner. At this state, chi flows perfectly unobstructed across the meridian system, keeping all the body's five vital internal organs (heart-lungs-liver-spleen-kidneys) at their best condition. Chong Chi allows the human body to unleash its innate intelligence to the fullest, making possible for humans to enjoy self-healing and longevity.

However, the road to Chong Chi is along and hard one. It takes decades of disciplined practice. In ancient times, chi practitioners sought remote hide a ways to settle for a solitary life of meditation and practice in their quest for Chong Chi. Unfortunately now, the modern-day person, tied helplessly to the demanding fixations of the urban life, will most likely dread the idea of pursuing such a quest. This is where HanaRa's fountain of youth will prove to be the ideal chi-solution for people on the go.

Fountain of Youth, A Short-cut Toward Chong Chi

About 4500 years ago, there was a wise ruler of great influence in China commonly referred to as Huang Ti Xuanyuanor The Yellow Emperor. He became an emperor at the age of 20 and ruled for 100 years (2698-2598 BC).


The world becomes aware of his existence through his much acclaimed book “Huang Ti Nei Ching Su Wen” which contains volumes of ancient Chinese profound knowledge on the subjects of internal medicine, acupuncture and pulse diagnosis. The works retain their relevance throughout the history of Chinese civilization and till today serves as the platform of the thriving Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) practice.


During his life time, Emperor Huang Ti resorted to water as his mainstay in sustaining his chi levels, a practice which led to the expression “fountain of youth”. It was a time when the world was blessed with pristine environment and natural fountains of youth were far less challenging to find.


In his chi studies, the emperor had discovered that a fountain of youth can serve as a “booster” in ones quest to achieve Chong Chi. This clearly indicated a short-cut in a regiment that normally takes years to master. The chi-boosting effect of a fountain of youth saw its living proof on the longevity enjoyed by the emperor himself and his descendants for many generations.


In an unavoidable turn of events, a violent struggle of power overcame the empire. Adynasty which had ruled for hundreds of years finally succumbed. In the turmoil, the treasured secret of Huang Ti's Fountain of Youth was salvaged by the court's medicine master, who fled and disappeared without a trace.


Today, overjoyed masters of chi announced that the lost secret of Huang Ti's Fountain of Youth is finally found and revived. They were referring to HanaRa's Life Energy Pool.

The Long Lost Fountain of Youth, Found At HanaRa

In the pristine ancient world of Emperor Huang Ti, chi-enhancing water was available in the open nature. The Earth was enveloped in clear clean air. Bodies of water provided healthy drinking water.

Human progress, sadly, brought massive destruction and contamination to the once pure environment we live in. Technology is needed to restore the chi-enhancing quality of natural water. HanaRa acknowledges this. Masters of chi from different parts of the world, including China and USA, came to experience first-hand HanaRa's Life Energy Pool. They were the ones who first declared HanaRa's Life Energy Pool as “The Fountain of Youth”, a chi-boosting body of water much like Huang Ti's long lost Fountain of Youth

However, HanaRa took a step further. Modern science and technology has provided today's chi management practice with a useful method of checking the body's level of chi. By using kinesiology, HanaRa enables participants to check their chi levels before and after each exercise, including before and after their Life Energy Pool experience. When the chi masters declared the existence of the Fountain of Youth at HanaRa, they were speaking from first-hand experience. Seeing is believing, thanks to kinesiology.

Each HanaRa program includes a chi-boosting session at the Life Energy Pool. You too can prove for yourself the amazing Fountain of Youth effect on the level of chi in your body.

What they say...

Dr. Chen Huang Lin

I am a medical doctor with patient far and wide in place such as America, Europe, Japan, Taiwan, and Australia. But now I practiced and live in New York, USA.

I’ve been using and learning the Life Energy Medicine to help a lot of people from variety of serious illness. Thus I traveled and explored all over the world to gain my knowledge about Life Energy Medicine. But something big came up in the world of Life Energy Medicine.

I am informed that there is source of life energy that so extraordinary strong that can boost energy level of our 5 vital organs simultaneously.

I myself have been tried to proof this phenomena by going directly to HanaRa Life Energy Pool, which is located in Bandung, Indonesia, as part of my trip to Asia.

At the time, I realized this is something that very valuable, because it is Zongqi, a kind of life energy that very popular for thousand of years and most wanted for its usefulness of longevity, beauty and slimming therapy, also for its contribution to enhance the quality of life.

I was very captivated and surprised that I found Fountain of Youth in Indonesia, and from that moment I finally can say that “Fountain of Youth is not a myth, it’s here.”Congratulation to Indonesia, for its world’s most valuable heritage, a pool that can help people to live young, beautiful and empowered for the rest of their life. wish the idea of HanaRa Community and also HanaRa Fountain of Youth to support as a land of harmony for the fulfillment of World Peace and Harmony can be achieved.

Mr. Sam

Founder Zhen Qi Yun Xing, Malaysia

in my opinion, HanaRa's Programs are the treatment concept of tomorrow. undoubtedly its Fountain Of Youth and Life Energy Pool generate very powerful energy. Learning the ZQYX at HanaRa becomes so much easier and faster

Mr. Sam

Mr. Low Chu Chang

Malaysia Friend
Mr. Low Chu Chang

We find the treatment is effective. We are surprised. We did not expect the treatment method is so comprehensive and complete with the scientific approach energy cultivation and enhancement, such as using the energy pool and the energy fountain. We would like to come back for further treatment and will also bring friends who need the treatment

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...Alhamdulillaah... bahagia lihat mbak Vina hari ini, wajahnya bersinar banget dan cantik...

Ms. Vina

...nafas rasanya lambaat sekali, dada semakin lama semakin terbuka, rasanya seperti kelopak bunga yg sedang mekar, satu persatu kelopak terbuka dan akhirnya mekar, tubuh jauh lebih segar setelah latihan...

Puji Tuhan😇 hari ini saya bersyukur masih diberikan nafas kehidupan oleh Tuhan YME sehingga bisa latihan... bersama semua teman-teman komunitas HanaRa baik dari Bandung dan Jakarta senangnya melihat kebahagiaan mereka semua yang sangat bersemangat dengan senyuman penuh keceriaan setiap waktu.

Ms. Stevie

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