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HanaRa Life Energy Pool, does it really contain energy?

A: Amazing, initially I didn’t believe it. I see the movement of water and first I think it is water but finally I think that is not water but energy. I have seen it myself, I really believe that the water contains energy.

ZQYX practice at the HanaRa Life Energy Pool provides greater helps compared to practicing in Malaysia, why?

A: I can feel plenty of things. I feel that the energy in the pool is really strong, so that I can breathe deeply.

What benefits do you get from HanaRa Program?

A: I feel healthy and happy at the beginning. I feel that my meridian channels are opened with strong energy. That’s what I get from HanaRa.

What about other friends who also joins HanaRa Program?

A: It really provides benefits… others have vibrant face with fresh and flush appearance with healthy looking color.

Do your symptoms lessen after joining HanaRa Program?

A : It was very good, before I feel discomfort behind (my back), but after treatment, the discomfort has greatly reduced. My wife (pointing to his wife) has an issue in dealing with stress, now she feels comfortable.


Do your symptoms go away?

A : Yes
A : My symptoms are now gone.


What do you think about HanaRa Program, the staff and the ambience?

A : Peaceful, comfortable, and surrounding environment is really beautiful
A : I really enjoy it
A: Overall, I feel good because the food served is vegetarian meal. For me and my wife, the taste is good.. My wife hardly cooks vegetarian meal as she usually cooks chicken or fish.
A : Overall, the program that I joined is very good.

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