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Mr Low Chu Chang Happy Story

I was very grateful and happy this morning when I was doing my daily Qi Gong practice. The QI was very gentle and the blockage feeling was very mild, a tremendous improvement compared to yesterday. Thank you and very grateful to Dr. Hanson, Maya and all HanaRa staff for helping me for the last 2 & a half yrs Thanks God for the blessing. 

Hope and wish that I could be more contributing in helping others through experiences I gained in the last 2 & half yrs.


Beas regards

Low chu Chang 30/7/2016 9.17 am

A grateful story (感恩)to share with you all ...

We came back to KL from HanaRa, Bandung on 22/7/16 night full of happiness and peacefulness.

My son asked me to come over to Singapore together with my wife and sister soonest possible. I agreed to make the journey on Sunday after one day's break. But bus tickets were not available and I have to travel on Saturday, practically no rest after returning from Bandung. Amazinglly I did that full of happiness.

I realised that I just wanted to bring my happiness to share with my son, my nephew & his family members and good friends in Singapore.

 I just wanted to tell them all the happy incidents and stories during our stay in HanaRa.

I just wanted to tell them how happy I am after acquiring the understanding and practicing "fang xia"(放下 to let go)。

I am so grateful because I realised that now I have really learned and practicing "fang xia"( 放下)

I am grateful that I am in position to extend the vibration of love and to pass on and spread our love to every bodies around us.


The coach to Singapore had only 6 passengers. I thought I would sleep through out the journey as it started at 6.30 pm will reach Singapore at 12.30 am next day. Amazing things happened. The video screen in front of my seat switched on by itself showing me all the great and amazing pictures /photos of great nature, love between mothers and offsprings in animal and human beings, great landscape on earth etc. I felt so grateful and touched by the greatness of the creator, GOD. I ended up doing a few hours of QI GONG 气功, in the coach and enhancing what we have just learned from HanaRa on how to acquire good quality of Qi in practicing Qi Gong in daily life.

 I am very grateful because I realised that I have acquire the real understanding and practicing the correct way in doing the Qi Gong practice in the Prof. LI SHAO BO "daily life" method (把气功生活化)


Thank you and grateful that you are patient enough to read this long story and share with me the experiences I have gone through and the great happiness retained until today and for ever. 

Let the happiness effects and vibration spread among us and all friends and every bodies around us.


Low chu Chang

5.00 am. 25 Jul 2016

Very grateful that we have made a very successful trip to HanaRa. All members came back cheerfully with vibrant look "HAPPY NATURAL RADIANT"

Grateful that we have personal experience of vibration effect in love and helpfulness shared among members

Grateful that my major meridian blokages were cleared with great help from Dr. Hanson, Ibu Maya, HanaRa staff members and Malaysian & Indonesian communities.

Thankful and grateful for the arrangements made to visit Wot Batu again

Grateful that we have benefited so much in upgrading and enhancing our quality of Qi from the Wot Batu trip

Grateful that we were guided the ways to practise and enhance our Qi from Quantity to Quality, to reach Level 6


Grateful to see everyone bringing back big smiles from HanaRa to Malaysia yesterday.😍

Glad to know from Dr Hanson that we'll be able to upgrade the level of all attendees of our group session in Kepong to 1-STAR with diligent practice & good teamwork. He said 1-STAR is considered very good for us Msian community who are without extra aid i.e. Energy Pool, Vivari water etc. 朋友们,keep up the good work with perseverance & we'll see the group expanding by the day.🙏🙏🙏

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