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The Happy Story of Mrs. Sussheel, Singapore

Craniosacral therapist
Mrs. Sussheel

Dearest all the staff at HanaRa, you will always hold a special place in my heart because this is the first day of the real of my life. I am profound touched by the power of love and compassion you have for anyone, everyone.


You are an angel of mercy and I count my blessings for having come to this sanctuary to begin my journey towards realising my full potential as a daughter, sister, woman, wife, craniosacral therapist and friend. It has touched my heart to hear too, that there are no accidents, we are (the cranio, sacral therapist) intended to do this work. That is such great news to me, and strong affirmation.

Sincerely, want to be able to bring my family here too, so they too can be freed from the pain that binds them.

Grateful beyond words and I truly hope i don’t disappoint or let you down in any way.


I thank God and the holly spirit and angels for your guidance at this place.

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