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Ms. Atiek's Happy Story

Earlier this year my doctor diagnosed me with ovarian cancer, stage 3C, and he recommended a surgery to remove my ovaries within the next one month. Lab test in March confirmed that my cancer cell count was way above 1000. I was nervous, anxious and horrified. A friend recommended me to visit HanaRa, and without hesitation I directly follow the 4 hours daily for 28 days continuous meditation, better known as V28.


I strictly follow all HanaRa’s V28 program, from food intake regimen, time of rest, therapies and all the exercises. I learned the real meaning of the 5 Step: Acceptance, Enjoying the Moment, Gratefulness, Unconditional Love and Joy. I exercised while incorporating these 5 Step. I implemented these steps in my daily life. Positive vibrations were noticeably transmitted, involuntarily, to my husband, son and parents. I became happier with all the people surrounding me.

After 35 days, I was so amazed and grateful to see my lab test confirmed my cancer cell count was drastically from way beyond 1000 reduced down to 149. Thank God.

VBC Community Togetherness

Without any doubt, there is a great difference between exercising all alone and together with the HanaRa community. More solid energy embraced each one of us, supporting one another. Deep concentration of the members undoubtedly enhances our mutual Love which is the essence of the teaching.

I want to see my family, my parents, my friends, all human beings and nature at large to be happy. Thank you God for all the perfect things that you have blessed to my life.

"Bukan persoalan angka lagi yang saat ini menjadi fokus saya... Tetapi saya ingin terus belajar ikhlas, bersyukur, dan berbakti kepada orang tua dan lebih bermanfaat.


Subhanallah.. Mudah-mudahan aku juga bisa mencontoh Mba Atiek dan teman-teman semua disini ... Amiin "

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My various complaints vanished after conducting 4hours 5 Step VBC together with the community. I noticed this also happened to my fellow members of the community. My friends improved significantly from various ailments, especially severe ones like cancer.

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Ms. Indira

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