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Ms. Indira's Happy Story

Ibu. Indira

Without 5 Step VBC

Previously before I joined HanaRa I learned VBC without the 5 step. Sensations were clearly felt. Much improvement achieved. It brought more peace to the soul as compared to when Qi exercise is conducted at all.

VBC with 5 Step

As Prof. Li Shao Bo once said, “One heart is better than 1000 books”, so the Master recommended involving the heart when exercising VBC. The 5 Step: Acceptance, Enjoy the Moment, Gratitude, Unconditional Love and Joy or Happiness.

After implementing the 5 Step I felt its direct impact, enormous peace embraced my soul. More significant advances to the various existing improvements. Especially when accompanied with VHH, so many more sensations were experienced. Another impact, vibration is felt to the surroundings. I have never experienced like this before. And I believe, this is of supreme value to life. By implementing 5 Step VBC, I am confident human beings are so much easier to return to nature.

VBC 4 Hours/Day

The impact of VBC exercise will be evidently felt when conducted through a longer stretch of time. VBC 1 Hour has a forceful impact to bodily sensations, to physical condition improvement as well as to peace of the soul. Especially when VBC is conducted 4 hours continuously, more peace to the soul and resilience will be obtained. Eventual impact to the surrounding is only felt when VBC is conducted in a longer stretch of time. Definitely, to the environment, 4 hours VBC has stronger impact 1 hour VBC.

Community Togetherness

Community togetherness keeps our spirit high, more motivated and more disciplined. Obviously this could hardly be achieved when exercising alone without supervision. The community so quite often reminds us when we become inattentive or lazy. We will feel uncomfortable seeing our friends diligently exercise while we reluctantly do it. When we are lazy, it can bring bad influence to others. When we are disciplined, this will support our friends’ spirit high. This way, we will assist more people to become a better person, healthier both physically as well as mentally. Community togetherness also enhances the quality and enormity of the energy. The impact of physical and mental improvement is clearly experienced more immensely in the same length of time compared to when exercising alone.


My various complaints vanished after conducting 4 hours 5 Step VBC together with the community. I noticed this also happened to my fellow members of the community. My friends improved significantly from various ailments, especially severe ones like cancer.

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with V28 the ailments immediately vanished. I did not take any medication ever since. Emotionally I become more steady and balanced and better able to control myself. Definitely I become happier, more cheerful. Last but not least, I am more able to surrender and submit myself to the will of God.

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Ms. Novita

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