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Ms. Liliek Happy Story

VBC w/o 5 Step

Indeed, my mind became calmer. However, I did not feel many physical sensations like being electrified, pulsating vibrations flowing, and no peace and happiness in my heart.

VBC with 5 Step

With this 5 Step I could immediately experience the above mentioned sensations. I could sense the strong energy that released blockages and my heart felt very peaceful and happy.

Community Togetherness

VBC with HanaRa’s community absolutely brings more enormous energy. Each one of us can directly feel it. We can feel the raising body heat, breathing becomes slower and more subtle. All these bring the mind and heart significantly more placid, serene and happier.


After following 5 times V28, my body posture becomes more erect. When sitting I do not feel any pain at all. My mouth used to be dry, lack of saliva, consequently I need to drink to help me swallow my food. Today, my mouth recovers from this lack of saliva. My stamina becomes so much improved. Body resistance, eye sight, hearing, all are significantly enhanced.

Emotionally I become calmer, easier to accept and adapt to any situation, easier to be grateful to whatever God bestows to me. Easier to understand and to forgive. I learned to see and to feel happiness in others.

Related Story

With V28 the ailments immediately vanished. I did not take any medication ever since. Emotionally I become more steady and balanced and better able to control myself. Definitely I become happier, more cheerful. Last but not least, I am more able to surrender and submit myself to the will of God.

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Ms. Novita

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Ms. Liliek Vibran Words

Mba Eka sayaang.... terimakasih sudah hadir di antara kami, walaupun tak lama kita bersama tapi kebahagiaan yang Allah beri untuk kami dengan hadirmu sangat besar..... semoga kebaikan dan kebahagiaan selalu menyertaimu di sana, aamiin...

Miss you and love you mbak😍😍😍


Ibu Liliek

Alhamdulillaah....ajaib ya mbak Indri

Semalem sebelum tidur aku udah nyiapin diri kalo2 bangun tidur kaki dan pinggang berasa sakit, tapi alhamduilillaah nggak sakit😊

Jadi emang bener, kalo saat jalan mendaki kemarin jalannya nggak pake tenaga sendiri ya, karena nggak capek, badan malah tambah seger😊 ( Liliek )

Ibu Liliek

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