Ms. Novita's Happy Story

VBC without 5 Step

During the initial stage of VBC w/o 5 Step, I experienced some sensations, yet not much and less intense. During the exercises, I often felt sleepy, got flashbacks of bitter past events, and uncontrolled emotion quite often made me cry. For me, this VBC was just to calm me down, and not to absolve and to reconcile with the past.

5 Step VBC

As soon as I grasped the essence of 5 Step, immediately I could feel Acceptation, Enjoying the Moment, Gratefulness, Unconditional Love and Joy. Gradually I began to absolve and reconcile with my past. I could forgive every single person that made me hate them. With this 5 Step my emotions turned as light as feather, easier to control and I become so much happier.

4 Hours VBC

We call it V28, as the program is prepared for 28 days continuously, 4 hours daily. Physically I become healthier, only once in a while my ulcers and migraine relapsed. However, with V28 the ailments immediately vanished. I did not take any medication ever since. Emotionally I become more steady and balanced and better able to control myself. Definitely I become happier, more cheerful. Last but not least, I am more able to surrender and submit myself to the will of God.

VBC Community Togetherness

I readily felt the much stronger energy as compared to exercising alone. Beyond any doubt we mutually reinforce one another. And as a cancer patient I surely feel the strong support of my friends.

Ibu Novita

Puji Tuhan hasil test CEA dan Ca 15-3-ku sudah keluar, dan hasilnya bagus.

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Ibu Novita

Setelah Rini merasakan kesembuhan di pahanya yg sakit, saya, Rini, Indri dan Teh Lilik berpelukan karena saking bahagianya... disitu saya sangat merasakan bahwa kita berempat sungguh saling menyayangi satu sama lain.

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After following 5 times V28, my body posture becomes more erect. When sitting I do not feel any pain at all. My mouth used to be dry, lack of saliva, consequently I need to drink to help me swallow my food. Today, my mouth recovers from this lack of saliva. My stamina becomes so much improved. Body resistance, eye sight, hearing, all are significantly enhanced.
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Ms. Liliek

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