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Ms. Ria's Happy Story

Ms. Ria Happy Story

Heaven on Earth

A sanctuary, heaven on earth, warmest and comfort palace, a homeland. In the heart of pain survivors, HanaRa is a hope.

A hope of less pain and more life, the experience of redefine happiness and self searching of I, me and myself. Reminder of the purpose of life and the art of accepting the present.

HanaRa is one of the kind wellness centre. It discovers you, unleash the potential, teaching good deed through action and be happy together and shared the vibrant energy.

HanaRa is for every soul who longing for the tranquility, the prosperous quality of life, the beauty of every miracles. Being and be with the community will activate the word of love and harmony.

I missed HanaRa, and every beautiful soul there. I wish I will be able to find my time and renewed my body, mind and soul. Alhamdulillah ya Robb, for all the life events that brings me closer to you.



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I have been with HanaRa since 2011. God blessed me with a relatively very fine health at 76 years.

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Mr. Budiman

28 Days Healthy Happy Vibrant

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