HanaRa has developed lines of products that can help you to maintain your meridian system and your Life-Energy as well. All of these products were made as a result of studying your body wisdom. These products will boost your Life-Energy level whenever you use or consume it. All products have been proved through Energy Emission Analysis and Kinesiology method

Vibrant Coffee

HanaRa coffee brings back the original benefits of coffee that help nourish your body by clearing blockages in the meridians to allow life energy (Qi) to freely flow; especially to help reinforce the function of your heart and stomach.

HanaRa Gen Mai

​The Life-energy content of this Brown Rice is worth more than ten times the amount of high quality regular white rice. This allows for easier digestion and maximum energy absorption.

HanaRa Energy Oil

Energize Your total Meridian System

All HanaRa Oil products incorporate the finest natural ingredients. They are produced by utilizing the most recent technologies for convenience and effectiveness in opening and activating facial and body's meridians. This has made HanaRa treatment supremely effective for longevity, beauty, and slimming.

HanaRa Cafe


We only select the best natural products for your foods and drinks that allow your bodily wisdom to work properly. The food and drinks served at the HanaRa Life Energy Center are not only healthy, they are also delicious and well presented. 



HanaRa uses Vivari as the booster of vibrant living. Water technology successfully established the best structure of water, the form of life energy 'ideal' water to build a life of health, happiness and strengthen the body's natural energy. 

HanaRa Skin Care


Only the best products can activate and maintain your finest body's meridian in the best condition. This is why when we make our products we think of it as making the life energy food for the skin. All of our products never use binders, artificial colorants, preservatives or synthetics. The end result is a product so fresh and natural you will want to eat it, and why shouldn't you?

Batik HanaRa


The batik HanaRa is made using secret techniques based on the philosophy of ancient Indonesia's Batik.

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