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HanaRa's Programs


To build natural enhancement we have to go through a process. In other words if you want to achieve an excellent quality of life, consequently you have to continually conduct a positive and commendable lifestyle that conforms to the laws of nature.
The HanaRa program was not only designed to restore your body’s intelligence, but additionally, it will ensure you to skillfully master the course in such a way to allow you to independently take care of your own good self afterwards, wherever you may be…

HanaRa Self Healing Classes

Self-Healing Classes



"The human body is perfectly designed, as such, it can heal itself whenever there is some physical disturbance, and each individual is empowered to maintain one’s own health"


Our main service at the HanaRa Well-Being Center is to provide a guidance to empower you to maintain, as well as to heal yourself. Through HanaRa Self-Healing Classes we invite you to recognize the wonderful ingenuity and smartness of your body. Our HanaRa Self-Healing Classes bring us to the next level of insight and awareness that it is possible for us to achieve excellent health, harmony and happy life independently.

Hanara Vibrant Health Program

Vibrant Health



Essentially, our body has its own innate intelligence


The HanaRa Vibrant Health program showcases a full range of safe, effective and simple methods based on our bodily wisdom. This will guide you and your family the way towards a better life style: Vibrant Living.

HanaRa Vibrant Health treatment programs will give your body's life energy level to an optimum balance. And undoubtedly this is one of the most important secret to obtain the best result from HanaRa’s longevity, beauty, and slimming programs.

HanaRa HanaRa Trauma Healing Program

Overcoming Sadness & Phobia



Telling others about the trauma is an important part of healing the effects of trauma, because keeping 'secrets' can be damaging. But... exposure therapy can be re-traumatizing.


With HanaRa Trauma Healing Programs, you don't need to tell others about your trauma. With HanaRa self-help strategies and support, you can speed your recovery. Whether the trauma happened years ago or yesterday, you can heal and start to move on within your first hour, and still keeping your 'secrets' forever.


safe, and



HanaRa Slimming Program



HanaRa’s Slimming Program is especially dedicated to those who have constantly tried various diet and exercise programs to no avail.


"Your Body comprehends perfectly how to reach your most ideal body shape"

Beauty from Within

Beauty from Within



"Your picture never lies"


HanaRa’s special method and products known as 'Vibrant Beauty Enhancement' will assist life energy to flow smoothly and freely through all your body's meridians, including the tiniest facial meridians. The effect is remarkable. It will bring back the glow and charm that reflect true beauty, both inner as well as outer beauty.

And the most amazing thing is, once you get your HanaRa Vibrant Beauty level, you will have the very distinctive energy that naturally radiates from your face that you can capture it objectively with your own pocket camera!

Hence, those who have underwent treatments at conventional beauty salons, we kindly invite you to come to HanaRa and enhance your beauty to make it truly vibrant. Yes indeed, an ultimately vibrant beauty.


True Potency



It is not always easy to embrace life. To get up and go, to follow your dreams and make things happen. HanaRa offers you to draw out and revive your inherent capacity to come into being.

HanaRa Pre-Wedding Program




"This day I will marry my best friend, 

The one I love with, live for, and dream with.... Love... "(Unknown)


It is a once in a life time affair, no wonder you consider your wedding is of supreme importance.


Needless to say, it settles for less than perfection.


HanaRa Pre-Wedding program is dedicated to couples who comprehend that Vibrant Wedding is one of the most important gateways to an excellent Vibrant Life. We caress your body with a series of treatments that prepare your whole body system, including your meridians. Additionally, we assist you in cultivating the art of maintaining your genuine inner and outer beauty, vibrant health and ardent happiness ever since day one of your marriage, all along your lifelong journey.

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