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HanaRa Coffee


The art of drinking HanaRa Coffee, as the Vibrant World Coffee


ANY ENERGY DIFFERENCE BETWEEN THE TWO? Contact our staff and find out. SOLUTION TO CELLPHONE RADIATION Live Energy Coffee for a Vibrant World

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The whole process is not just about drinking coffee, but is about the connection between the Life Energy Medicine and the art of drinking vibrant world coffee.

Before starting your HanaRa vibrant world coffee drinking ritual, the staff will determine which meridian points need to be strengthened. Meridian points are determined depending on the type of coffee to be selected. According to the life energy medicine point of view, the more life energy inside the coffee, the healthier type of coffee are selected, the more meridian points are gained, the greater the health benefits and better after taste effect you get.

This is the main difference between the good regular HanaRa coffee and the higher quality HanaRa coffee for your vibrant life. 

The good regular HanaRa coffee cannot activate meridian point like higher quality of HanaRa coffee. The type of meridian, and how many meridian can be strengthened depending on the life energy content inside the HanaRa Coffee as the vibrant world coffee.​

More life energy, more meridians can be activated.

More your body’s meridians activated, the easier for you to achieve the vibrant life quality

Activation of the body's meridian channels is crucial in order to receive life energy pouring out of the HanaRa Coffee as the vibrant world coffee and to help strengthen your body's life energy to clear the blockages in the energy channels. With abundant organ energy, improved organ function is the inevitable result which leads to disappearance of symptoms. Optimal health is restored, creating comfort, peace, happiness, and a release of all the stress in the body and in the mind.

HanaRa Coffee help reach an eternal healthy, happy, and active quality known as Vibrant Life.

Afterwards, the HanaRa's staff perform muscle testing to check the condition of the meridian points before the vibrant world coffee drink ritual begins. In general, they will be weak, but should strengthen after the drink ritual is completed.

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