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HanaRa's Friends

Dr. C.H. Lin

New York, USA

I wish the ideals of HanaRa Community and also HanaRa Fountain of Youth to support Indonesia as a land of harmony for the fulfillment of world peace.

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Mr. Sam

In my opinion, HanaRa’s programs are the treatment concept of tomorrow. Undoubtedly its Fountain of Youth and Life Energy Pool generate.

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Ms. Ria

A Sanctuary, Heaven on Earth, warmest and comfort palace, a homeland. In the heart of pain survivors, HanaRa is a hope.

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Mss. Carolina Arsad

" life is imperfectly beautiful..."


Ibu. Maya Danubrata

* Terharu sekali 🙏🏽
kita musti belajar dari Olin...


Ibu. Ambarwati
🍎 Alhamdulillah senang lihat dan mendengarkan mbak Olin, yang tambah dewasa dan terlihat sangat damai setelah berlatih di HanaRa.

Mrs. Yonie Bonawi, Singapore

Body Work Therapist

The educational classes covering all aspects at emotional stabilization is very good. It is a good basis foundation building blocks in the healing journey.

Mr. Guan Ng Teck, Malaysia

Craniosacral therapist

I am very grateful impressed, and touch...

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Mr. Oliver, Europe

Craniosacral therapist

Such joy and happiness to be in HanaRa, with all the friends, with infinite love and lights.

Mrs. Anne Huxtable, Australia

Certified Sound Therapist & Sound Healer

A Humbling and eye opening experience,

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Mrs. Sussheel Kaur, Singapore

Craniosacral therapist

 I count my blessings for having come to this sanctuary to begin my journey towards realising my full potential as a daugther, sister, woman, wife, craniosacral therapist and friend.

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Mrs. Larisa Ermishina, Russia

Qi Gong master & Craniosacral therapist

 I wish every city in the world have HanaRa.
With love from Russian

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Ibu. Ambarwati

HanaRa selain membuat kita sehat dan bahagia ternyata juga membuat kita lebih berpotensi. Positive terhadap diri kita pada khususnya dan lingkungan sekitar kita pada umumnya... subhanallah...


Mr. Low Chu Chang

International Participant

We find the treatment is effective. We are surprised. We did not expect the treatment method is so comprehensive and complete with the scientific.

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Alhamdulilah baru aku sadari setelah di HanaRa, bahwa bahagia itu tentang hati kita yang ikhlas, yang menikmati, yang tulus, yang bahagia melihat yang lain bahagia, tak perlu ku pergi jauh berkelana...

Ms. Sri Eka

Perth. Australia

Thanks to the grace of heaven for sending me to HanaRa. I just born again 3 weeks ago 😆 thank u to all doctors, therapists, staffs and all friends 😘😘😘.


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Ms. Anne

I obtained lots of valuable life lessons through 123451 vibrations. Hopefully I will be able to carry out all these, to equip myself to become a better person that would bring benefit and happiness to all my fellow human beings. 

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Mr. Bay

Today I understand that exercising together at HanaRa is not merely for one’s own self, but to be happy together.

I managed to reduce my body weight by 7 kg. The other good news is my cancer lab test showed a significant improvement. Moreover it happened in such a short time. Just in two weeks after I exercised very disciplined and hardy HanaRa’s VBC 4 hours daily in the area of HanaRa’s Life Energy Pool, my tumor marker significantly reduced towards normal levels.

Ms. Tati

It turned out that chemotherapy did not shrink my large chronic tumor. Fortunately, here at HanaRa it was significantly reduced in size, almost not palpable anymore. Alhamdulillah, after exercising strenuously VBC 4 hours per day, the outcome was amazing. Alhamdulillah.

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Ms. Rini

Ini adalah moment yang lama saya rindukan tapi entah kenapa sulit sekali saya lakukan. Hari ini Allah ijinkan untuk terjadi, Alhamdulillah. Terima kasih ya Allah, skenarioMu memang yang terbaik. Melalui sakitku, ikhtiarku dan berbagai 'tantangan hidup', Engkau sibak begitu banyak hikmah dan pembelajaran, termasuk apa yang terjadi hari ini. Terima kasih juga untuk para dokter dan semua di HanaRa dan teman-teman tersayang atas cinta dan kasih sayang selama ini.

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Mr. Chong Beng Seng

International Participant

We would like to thank you and all the staff in HanaRa from the bottom of our hearts.

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Dr. Cheng Sim Kin B.D.S., M Med TCM

Principal Singapore College of Traditional Chinese Medicine

One ancient philosopher ever said: “life has its limit but not learning of knowledge”. Energy management of our body could be a exciting new medical frontier worth exploring.

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