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Top up your inherent capacity for coming into being



It′s not always easy to embrace life, to get up and go, to follow your dreams and make things happen…

We are each alone, autonomous, going through our own lives, from beginning to end. We want to make the most of our time, connect with others, and to have as much control as possible.

We need training to live our lives, most of which we don’t get growing up — training on how to be present and focused, how to calm and settle our emotions, when to act on our impulses and when not to, and what we can do instead. Most of us are not taught how to balance our lives by taking care of and respecting our bodies, as well as our emotional, social, and spiritual needs. We’re not taught how to not worry about our self-esteem. This worrying about whether or not we are “good enough” causes a lot of suffering and wastes a great amount of our brain capacity and human potential.

In order to take control of our lives and create a vision of our future fully open to our possibilities, we have to think beyond the beliefs and biases, or the “programming” we grew up with. And we have to learn to navigate — to create a course and stay on it.

When we do we can go places we never dreamed of — “The Vibrant Life, the healthiest and the happiest living with Live long and prosper.”

The universe, and our lives, is full of wonderful treasures and experiences, as well as pitfalls and dangers.

HanaRa give you everything you all need to start being the best you can be.

To be most successful you must learn to:

  • Be calm, present, and focused on your priorities.

  • Learn to ignore other people′s prejudices and not let them hold you back.

  • Deal with change—both change that you chose and change that you don′t.

  • Manage stress both at home and at work.

  • Understand your impulses and feelings.

  • Let go of your emotional baggage.

  • Avoid distractions and pitfalls, and get back on course when necessary.

  • Take routine care of your body, your meridian system and your mind.

  • Be motivated and have a positive outlook.

  • Communicate and relate in effective ways to other beings.

  • Be aware of a “greater picture” of life, the universe, time, and how you might fit in.

HanaRa teaches you all this!

Tadinya saya pemalu, sekarang jadi lebih ekspresif. Saya sekarang bisa lebih beradaptasi dengan lingkungan yang baru. 
Saya sekarang bisa fokus atas pekerjaan yang saya jalani, saya jadi termotivasi untuk lebih giat bekerja.

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