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Indonesia has become the cultural center that promotes Harmony, where all the diversities in culture of the nation turn into powerful resources and asset. We believe that the presence of Bhineka Tunggal Ika and Pancasila have proved to be the foundation that build the nation since the ancestors. 

On the very special occasion of the year where we proudly celebrate our Independence Day, we present the special gift from Indonesia that we can rely on taking on our concern towards bad influence of civilization that cause radiation. Our special gifts come in the form of local agricultural products, Indonesian Soybean, coffee, rice and more, that has been specially processed and prepared in conformation of Harmony and Body Intelligence Principles. The particular principles, that were implemented by the ancestors of Indonesian people, have become essential part of modern medical method throughout the 20 century. The world medical congress in ICMART XV11 in 2015 has obtained a research, conducted in Indonesia, which found out that the process of quality classification can be tested through special trials using daily-used cameras. 

Retrieved from superior seeds, planted on Indonesia's fertile soil, warmed up by the shiny sunlight throughout the year as the result of being in the equator, and raised by the skillful hands of Indonesia's farmers who understand Harmony Philosophy from Indonesian ancestor, with special harmony process base on Body Intelligence principle from Indonesian ancestor, this Indonesian agricultural product ( Soybean, coffee, rice etc ) happens to be the most valuable present that can only be found in the land of harmony, Indonesia. 


For World Peace & Harmony

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