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Do you want to be able to raise your stamina, productivity & inner beauty to the level that will help your life to be more successful? 

Do you want to explore the secret of how ancient Indonesian queen unleash their stamina, productivity & inner beauty by making batik ?

Batik in Indonesia was originally dedicated as an art of special education form for Indonesian ancient king and queen. This education make big difference. This education explore a secret to release their potentials for better stamina, productivity and inner beauty through batik making.

The highest quality of this special royal family batik that were specially crafted hundreds of years ago with this way, possessed measurable significant benefits for the body. 

How can we prove that the Indonesian ancestors can produce such an amazing product?

The answer to this is in this old ancient picture, these were ancient batiks, traditional Indonesian clothings that were made by our ancestors hundreds of years ago. This itself is a living proof that cannot be denied.

batik raja.jpg

We can now easily distinguish the special batik worn by the ancient Indonesian king or queens from the batik used by the commoners.

Ask our staf to show you the difference, you also can measure the Indonesian ancient queen inner beauty level in this picture than compare with your own selfie. 

In October 2009, UNESCO recognized Indonesian batik as a Masterpiece of Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity.

Now, Batik is attached to Indonesian society as a national identity and recognized as Indonesia national outfits. 

Find out this Indonesian ancient secret in our 2-hour fun workshop.



The ancient Indonesian queen's secret for unleash your Inner Beauty

Bu alda.jpg
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A special gift for the 70th anniversary of Indonesia- USA bilateral relations

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